Charlotte, NC

Hey ya’ll – headed to Charlotte for 48 hours. Where is the best place to BUY beer? Where is the best place to HAVE beer? To be honest – Ill be looking for a place that has a solid selection of Wicked Weed. Where is that place? Note: not interested in "I hate Wicked Weed" posts. Constructive comments only Advocates! It probably depends on where you are going to be in Charlotte as for where to get a beer (I think a lot of the places in CLT post their draft lists on Untappd). Also depends on the styles that you are looking to enjoy. Personally I tend to visit Salud (which usually has a pretty good selection and a brewery upstairs) but it is also most convenient to the others things I’m doing while in CLT. I don’t personally know about the Wicked Weed stock at shops in CLT because we have distribution for those here in Greensboro, NC so I have not looked for it when out of town. Lots of folks are big fans of Brawley’s Beverage in CLT but I have not visited myself.

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